Kelli & Stephen featured on The Promise NI

Kelli and Stephen's Irish wedding will make your heart sing with love and fall in love with their incredible day at Ballynatray Estate, Youghal. All images captured by wonderful Irish Photographer Ivana Patarcic Makeup by me Hair by Lynsey O'Leary Source: Kelli Stephen - The Promise NI

Need ideas for Wedding Day Makeup?

Need ideas for Wedding Day Makeup?

Then you might want to take a peek through my Pinterest. Here you'll find some carefully curated images that I think might help to inspire your finished wedding day makeup look.

Wedding Inspiration Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, I was thinking about weddings and I'm always thinking about beauty. Can you see how clever I was with the title of this blogpost? Okay so that didn't take much imagination. If you're anything like me, you're a little short on imagination and inspiration this Wednesday morning. (Also you need of a [...]

7 ways with a mascara wand

For some reason, even before I became a makeup artist, I always loved to keep my old mascara wands. After a good wash ( I use olive oil and antibacterial washing up liquid) they can become a pretty useful tool. Now of course I buy bags of disposable mascara wands or 'spoolies' for use on [...]

Organic DIY Flower Crown featured on Wedding Sparrow Oct 2015

Who doesn't love when a bride includes gorgeous DIY details in her big day?  Nobody, right? I'm so thrilled to have worked on this organic diy floral crown tutorial from - peaches & mint - & Pearl & Godiva on Wedding Sparrow, an inspirational blog for the stylish bride . Please visit Wedding Sparrow to enjoy [...]

Friday Favourites – Pastel Nails

There's always something I'm loving in the world of makeup and beauty. Lately it's been pastel painted nails. Because... 1. they're cute 2. they're just a little bit 1960s 3. cream colours look elegant and clean 4. pastels make short stubby nails look great, even mine Right now I have two distinct (and affordable) favourites, [...]

Eyebrow Regrowth

Okay so I think we all know by now that fuller brows are on trend, thanks to Cara and Lily. Unfortunately I embarked on strict regime of regularly over-tweezing circa 1994. I've decided to let them grow out over the past 3 weeks. Results so far? Pretty gappy and miserable. Anybody else trying to reclaim [...]

Linda Collins Makeup Blog

Hello and welcome! I bet you're wondering why a Makeup Artist would start to write a makeup blog? Actually that seems pretty obvious doesn't it... Well, I'll give you my reasons anyhow. I have lots and lots of make up information in my head, tonnes of beauty ideas and there just isn't enough room for it [...]