Eyebrow Regrowth

Okay so I think we all know by now that fuller brows are on trend, thanks to Cara and Lily. Unfortunately I embarked on strict regime of regularly over-tweezing circa 1994. I've decided to let them grow out over the past 3 weeks. Results so far? Pretty gappy and miserable. Anybody else trying to reclaim [...]

What I bought at MAC

  Here's the breakdown I promised of what I bought at MAC in Brown Thomas, Dublin recently. Off I went with my freshly renewed MACPro card to repurchase some kit staples that I simply can't work without. The repurchased items are marked with * in the list below. For anyone unfamiliar with the MACPro card, [...]

Linda Collins Makeup Blog

Hello and welcome! I bet you're wondering why a Makeup Artist would start to write a makeup blog? Actually that seems pretty obvious doesn't it... Well, I'll give you my reasons anyhow. I have lots and lots of make up information in my head, tonnes of beauty ideas and there just isn't enough room for it [...]