7 ways with a mascara wand

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For some reason, even before I became a makeup artist, I always loved to keep my old mascara wands. After a good wash ( I use olive oil and antibacterial washing up liquid) they can become a pretty useful tool. Now of course I buy bags of disposable mascara wands or ‘spoolies’ for use on my clients. The main professional use for these bulk bought disposable spoolies is the hygienic application of mascara.

Although I have to admit that I’m still hoarding my wands long after the mascara runs dry. For your own personal use, a clean mascara wand is just really handy.

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Some of my precious stash of old mascara wands and disposable spoolies

Here’s a quick list of some of the main mascara wand uses for beauty that I’m aware of, although I’d love to hear of any others I might be missing out on!

  1. Okay so this is the classic use for a mascara spoolie – run a spoolie through your lashes before your mascara dries to help push up your lashes and remove clumps. This is particularly good if you apply your mascara in layers. For an amazing extended lash effect simply brush and separate the lashes with your clean wand between each layer.
  2. You can help revive dried out mascara after a long day, you can brush your lashes with a wet spoolie (you can dip it into water or eye makeup remover) this helps to reset your mascara. Magic! Apply a new coat of mascara over this for a fab fresh lash line.
  3. You can also bend the head of the mascara wand (most wands are made of wire and bend easily) for easier mascara application, some people find this makes it easier to mascara the lower lashes too.
  4. Onto brows now, I always love to brush a clean spoolie through my brows after using a brow pencil. It tones down the pencil and helps the brow appear softly blended for a more natural look.
  5. Here’s a trick that works well for those with fine or fair eyebrows, or if you want to add colour to your brows without actually filling them in. Roll the bristles of your clean mascara wand around on a matte brown eyeshadow that flatters your brows (cooler browns and ash tones are usually best). Lightly brush the shadow through the brows. Et Voila, soft full brows!
  6. This is also a great brow grooming technique if you’re still trying to grow out your brows. (This is you if you saw every episode of ‘Friends’ the first time round, I know because this is me too!)
  7. The best way to groom unruly eyebrows is to spritz a little hairspray on a clean mascara wand and then comb through the brow. Or you could use a dot of hair gel, this is what most clear brow gels are made of anyway.

So maybe you’ll think twice now before the whole mascara gets flung in the bin. Cos I’ll be standing behind you screaming “Nooooooo! Keep the wand!”