Linda Collins Makeup Blog

Hello and welcome! 

I bet you’re wondering why a Makeup Artist would start to write a makeup blog? Actually that seems pretty obvious doesn’t it… Well, I’ll give you my reasons anyhow. I have lots and lots of make up information in my head, tonnes of beauty ideas and there just isn’t enough room for it all in my Facebook posts. I’ve tried to cut things short and to get to the point in roughly 40 words. It turns out that I love talking about makeup and beauty (at length). This does put me at serious risk of becoming a makeup bore but I reckon I’m not alone. At least some of you might be as obsessed as I am? 

Also probably better to blog about makeup and beauty than to get left in the corner at parties muttering to myself about eyelash adhesive, best under eye concealer, duofibre brushes, matte shadows, airbrushing, wrinklefillers, achieving a dewy finish, skin primers…etc….etc…

So here I go, this website now features the Linda Collins Makeup Blog. For regular beauty hacks, makeup tips and other stuff- please apply liberally!